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Forklift branch in Singapore

MGA Vietnam truck JSC is a forklift company with an address in Singapore to provide Japanese ISUZU engine forklifts installed in Vietnam to customers who are companies and corporations that distribute Japanese forklifts and welding forklifts to customers. There is a need to use Korean forklifts in Singapore, Japanese forklifts in Singapore. We look forward to cooperating with you.

In order to expand the market and introduce Japanese ISUZU forklift trucks assembled in Vietnam. MGA Vietnam truck JSC needs

looking for agents, distributors of Japanese forklifts, Japanese forklifts - Korean forklifts, Korean forklifts in countries around the world.

MGA Vietnam truck JSC established in 1998 is the legal authorized representative of MGA Forklift Inc. (USA) & Izu Japan Machinery Singapore in the field of assembling forklifts, Trading: Japanese isuzu diesel forklifts and USA curtis electric forklifts only in Vietnam.

MGA forklifts have been used by more than 5000 corporations, multi-industry enterprises such as: Customs, Industrial Parks, Airports, Unilever, Masan, green Feed and many other businesses… In front of a common strategic vision, forklifts MGA soon becomes a leading forklift supplier in Vietnam, Manufacturing and assembling complete forklift trucks that meet European standards and Southeast Asia and further Asia.

Currently, MGA forklifts in Vietnam are growing day by day and trusted by many partners from Japanese and Korean corporations and companies such as: SAM SUNG, KUMO, HUYDAI ALUMINUM, CADI-SUN, Vingroup Corporation, Dong Tam Brick Factory, Hung Yen Plastic, Thac Ban Brick, Dong Xuan Saigon Beer, Bac Giang textile, Fashion format, vinmast, Saigon coop, woosung, leadchmical, bio cell…and many other Korean companies

MGA Vietnam truck JSC forklift products are increasingly trusted thanks to outstanding and outstanding features such as:

- Competitive price with many different capacity lines and currently available at the warehouse, meeting customer needs 24/24.

- Japanese ISUZU Diesel engine is built with a safe reserve capacity to help improve the vehicle's load capacity.

- The hydraulic system and high-strength molded shell, designed according to MGA Forklift standards, have been voted as good quality European goods for many years.

- Replacement parts are available and warranty and maintenance 24/24 to quickly respond to customer needs.


ລົດ​ຍົກ – ລົດຍົກ ເກົາຫຼີ ໃນລາວ

MGA forklift ເປັນບໍລິສັດທໍາອິດທີ່ປະກອບລົດຍົກດ້ວຍເຄື່ອງຈັກ ISUZU ຍີ່ປຸ່ນ (ເຄື່ອງຈັກ CO ISUZU ນໍາເຂົ້າຈາກຍີ່ປຸ່ນ) ຢູ່ຫວຽດນາມ ຕ້ອງການຊອກຫາລູກຄ້າບໍລິສັດ, ກຸ່ມຈໍາໜ່າຍ ຂາຍ-ໃຫ້ເຊົ່າ ...

日本フォークリフト支店/ Nihon fōkurifuto shiten

MGAベトナムトラックJSCは日本に住所を有するフォークリフト会社で、ベトナムに設置された日本製ISUZU製エンジンフォークリフトを、お客様に日本製フォークリフトおよび溶接フォークリフトを販売する企業・法人様に提供しております。 、日本のフォークリフト。 皆様のご協力をお待ちしております。

Forklift branch in USA

MGA Vietnam truck JSC is a forklift company with an address in ...